We believe in investing in our people. At Durha Milk, our people get the opportunity to learn more about every process and helps them visualize their career in the industry. Find out how your team can help you be better in your sphere of work.

No matter the stage of production that you might be at, but a job well done depends on the well-being and health of the doer.

Some tips to maintain your well-being at the company. While you are at it, observe your colleagues if they are facing any problems and help them out.


If there are any problems that you are facing in understanding the process, ask someone. Do not hesitate in asking questions. If you feel that you have made a mistake, tell someone about it so that can be rectified. If you are struggling through work, talk to your manager about it. Build comradery with your co-workers so that you have someone to talk to when you need to vent out.

Proper Meals

For a healthy life, it is very necessary to have a healthy diet. Make sure you are taking all the meals without skipping. Avoid processed food as much as possible, eat healthy. Share your meal with friends and build stronger bonds. Do not forget to drink water throughout the day no matter the amount of work pressure on your head.

Proper Rest

It is important to give proper rest to your body after a day’s work. It helps your body regain its strength for the next day. It is very essential to maintain a routine in life for a healthy body. Take powernaps if you feel too tired in order to wake up refreshed.

Time Management

Take time to do every task of the day. Do not rush but do not be laid back. It is important to give every task attention in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Take time to have relationships outside work. Do not go more than 7 days without taking a leave.