Animal Management is an important component in our industry. From genetics to herd management every component affects our farm sustainability, productivity and profitability.

Animal Evaluation

The aim of this process is to analyze and identify animals whose progeny would be the most beneficial converters of feed into the farmer profit. The decisions taken regarding breeding have permanent and multi-fold effect on a dairy herd, and these decisions can prove to be complex.  

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is at the core of any faming business. The well-being of the livestock is our responsibility every day from the birth until they die, whether they stay inside our farm gates or outside.


We provide world best animal care, it is the foundation of running a successful business at Durha Milk. Animal care is good for animals, for us, the farm, the dairy industry and the country as a whole.


We work with farmers and industry partners to raise awareness that every animal should be cared for. We continuously work to understand consumer and market expectations in animal welfare and developing best resources to support and maintain best standards of care.

black and white milk cows on pasture