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Delivering The Best Milk Globally

Durha Milk provides favorite dairy products to its customers all over the globe. We specialize in cream cheese, yogurt and natural cheese that appeals to our customer’s tastes.

100% Quality Guarantee

Super Healthy

Premium Taste


All Durha Milk products are of highest quality and meet strictest standards set by us. All our plants are Safe Quality Food certified. We strongly believe in the saying ‘quality over quantity’.

Our Promise

We will bring out the best in milk, a product with extraordinary possibilities. We will reach out to the maximum people in order to provide them best quality products and take concrete measures to make the world a better place at the same time.


We do not work only for the interests of our members and partners but that of the whole community. We want to see a bright future of the dairy industry. Hence, we take on a leadership role in the industry and make our opinions known.

Animal Welfare

We are committed to providing top-quality milk to all our consumers. Our milk comes from cows that are always well-treated and cared for.